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Can I customize the FlipBook Cover?

ABSOLUTELY! Our graphic design team can put together your very own cover that can include names, dates, photos, or whatever else you can think of.

Can I customize the backdrop of my FlipBook photobooth?

Of course. Similar to the "step-and-repeats" used on the red carpets, we can print your custom backdrop featuring your logo, event sponsor, event name, or event theme. The custom backdrop is yours to keep after the event as well.  

Where can I get FlipBookLA services?

We're based in Los Angeles, but we service all of Southern California. Additionally, we provide services in parts of Northern California as well as Las Vegas. Contact us and we'll be able to provide specifics.

What do you need to set up at my event?

We traditionally need at least a 10x10 foot area, but we're flexible. We also require at least one outlet and request two 6 foot tables with standard table clothes to match your event decor (if available). If you are unable to provide these items please let us know in advance. 

How many people can fit in one video?

As many as you can fit in our screen (usually between 4 and 5 at a time), but we have fit as many as 8 people in if everyone bunches in together.

How many FlipBooks can you make in an hour?

We average 1 FlipBook a minute so we usually can get 60+ done per hour.

What kinds of props do you provide?

We come ready with colorful boas, funky glasses, vibrant leis, stick props, crazy hats and more. We can also provide themed props such as graduation or sports related items. 

Can I add a personalized scrolling message to the FlipBooks?

Yes. You can add a personalized "scrolling" message that displays on each of the FlipBooks at your event. The scroll message can be up to 80 characters long and will scroll at the bottom of the FlipBook, similar to the scrolling ticker messages seen at the bottom of news channels. Use the scrolling messages to say something like "Thanks for being a part of our special day!" or anything else you can think of! 

What is social media integration?

Social media integration is an additional feature that allows your guests to instantly share their FlipBook online during or after the event. With social media integration, FlipBooks can be digitally shared on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

What if my event is outdoors?

Not a problem, however please know that all outdoor events must be approved prior to any booking. Please contact us if you're event is outdoors so we can work out all the necessary details to ensure your event runs smoothly!


We have custom packaging for any size event or budget.  Contact us and we'll send you a specialized quote! 

How much does it cost to have FlipBookLA at my next event?

What are your green screen options?

Choose from a variety of moving or still backgrounds.  Go to a new city or a tropical island in a matter of seconds. You can upgrade your package to a green screen and allow your guests a more personalized experience.  Your guests will love showing their friends their personalized green screen FlipBook. 

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